During this podcast we catch up with former Singapore Sharks junior and current Thailand Tigers youngster Tyler York! 🤝 🇹🇭

Affectionately known as ‘Man Boy’ among the Tiger Army, Tyler York is not your average 19 year old! He’s already served as captain and co-captain of one of the Thaigers domestic teams in 2019 & 2020 and displays outstanding leadership skills and maturity beyond his years! 😳 🐅

Tyler played for the AFL Asia Lions against the Team China Dragons in Shanghai, China in 2019, has previously received All-Asian Team honours and the actual Thailand Tigers Auskick & Junior AFL Best & Fairest Award is named in his honour! 🦁 🏆 🏅

Tyler is a is a damaging midfielder and a contested beast on the field and a player who thrives on the physical components of our great game! He reads the play terrifically, is courageous and inspires his teammates to stand taller! 💪


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Nicknames: Manboy.

Preferred position/s: On-ball. 

Best player/s in Asia: Niall, J-Mac and Paddy from the Thailand Tigers, and Oscar Silk (the Grouch) from the Vietnam Swans.

Best teammate/s: Chicago, Niall and Dude. These guys are always very positive and great to have on a team.

Most annoying teammate: J-Mac. He gets so competitive during the domestic games.

Most difficult opponents: Oscar Silk. I played on him during an ANZAC match, he has great positioning, reach for the ball and sticky hands.

Favourite meal: Basil chicken and rice.

Favourite holiday destination: Maldives. The beaches are really nice!

Invite 4 people of your choice to a dinner party: Michael Jordan, Buddy Franklin, Gary Ablett and Bill Burr.

Best footy trip: The Indochina Cup in Myanmar.

3 things people don’t know about you: I love music and can play guitar and bass (I can’t sing but I love karaoke) and I do quite well in school and get top A grades for maths and sciences.

What rules would you change in the AFL and how can we increase scoring? Allow throwing instead of handballing.