Below is a selection of videos that provide a great insight into playing and understanding AFL. The videos often incorporate game footage to make them far more exciting.

1. AFL Explained

A 30 minute video that explains the basics of AFL and injects some of the excitement and energy of game day into the video.

2. There’s nothing like Australia’s Game – AFL

2013 TV Commercial produced by the AFL

3. AFL US Combine 2013

A 6 minute video aimed at potential US recruits from the 2013 US Combine. Why would a professional athlete from the US want to relocate to Australia to play AFL? Watch the video and find out.

4. AFL Skills Guide – Kicking

This series of AFL videos, uses AFL stars to demonstrate the technique required for a number of different skills. Again, there are real life match highlights to demonstrate key points.

See below for another 13 key skills. Well worth a look for both the novice and experienced player!

5. Thirteen (13) additional key AFL skills (click on the hyperlink to view on You Tube)

  1. Handballing
  2. Marking
  3. Picking Up
  4. Ball Handling
  5. Bouncing
  6. Evasion Skills
  7. Defensive Skills
  8. Smothering
  9. Spoiling
  10. Tackling
  11. Bumping
  12. Shepherding
  13. Ruckwork

Australian Football Explained

The AFL has produced a document that provides a one page explanation of AFL – in 31 different languages.

Basic information includes teams, duration, moving the football, tackling and scoring.

To download the full document, Click here