During this podcast we caught up with former Beijing Bombers player and the current Guangzhou Scorpions Football Operations Manager and legendary leader 张浩! 🤝 🇨🇳

张浩 (Zhang Hao) is widely regarded as the 🐐 within Chinese football circles and is a pioneer and an outstanding leader of our great game in the world’s most populated country! 🙌

‘Howard’ started his football journey with the Beijing Bombers and became a Guangzhou Scorpions foundation player when the SCAFL – South China Australian Football League was established in 2012. The Scorpions also participate in the province-based Guangdong Australian Football League 广东澳式足球联盟 (GDAFL) outside of SCAFL commitments!

Amazingly, he’s represented the Team China Dragons at the 2008, 2011, 2014, & 2017 AFL International Cup and has captained the side on multiple occasions! 🏆 😳

Howard’s a passionate footballer, who rebounds strongly out of defence, thrives on aerial and ground level contests and inspires his teammates with his determination and leadership skills! 💪

张浩 has coached, led and mentored hundreds of Chinese footballers and we’re forever grateful for his efforts and commitment to grow the game in China! 🇨🇳🙌

We loved catching up with the great man! 🤝


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Nicknames: Howard, but I had another one that a lot of players used to call me, but I’ve forgotten.

Preferred position/s: Centre half-back, but sometimes I like to play centre half-forward and kick some goals!

Best player/s you played with and against: In our team, Chen Shaoliang plays some great games both for the Scorpions and for China during internationals. For our opponents, Japan has some good players, but I can’t remember their names, but Mitchito Sakaki is definitely a standout. Papua New Guinea also has some very talented players.

Best teammate/s: Best teammate would be Shaun, but his Chinese name is Chen Shaoliang and we play together in the back field and have a great on-field relationship.

Most annoying teammate: Bruce would be annoying as he always tries to do it himself (he’s also known as the most muscular and sculpted player in Asia!). 

Most difficult opponents: I think it would have to be Japan, as we’ve played them a lot during International Cups. From the SCAFL it would always be the Lantau Lizards as most of their players are very good and we have a lot of history together.

Most difficult direct opponent: Barbs from the SCAFL always played some good games against me.