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About AFL Asia

AFL Asia is the representative body for Australian football in Asia, who support over 20 countries across the continent to grow the game.

AFL Asia’s purpose is to progress the game and share its heritage and possibilities across Asia, with a vision to be the AFL’s leading international growth region.

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latest articles

The Champs are back for 2022

AFL Asia are excited to announce that the Asian Championships are returning in 2022! The annual tournament will be held on Saturday October 22, 2022, in Bangkok, Thailand. After two years of interrupted football, AFL …

AFL is alive in South Korea

AFL Asia would like to officially welcome AFL South Korea to our broader family and football community! The dream of getting football off the ground came across our desk in October 2020 from a youngster named …

Tribal Sport back on board for 2022

AFL Asia are pleased to announce that Tribal Sport is back on board as AFL Asia’s official apparel partner for 2022. Self-confessed sport fanatics, the Tribal Sport team live and breathe sport, and it’s their passion …

Anzac spirit alive and well in Asia

Anzac Day is a timely celebration to commemorate those men and women who have fallen in the heat of battle and those who have served our great country with enormous pride and dignity. Within the …

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