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AFL Asia is the International Association of AFL Clubs in Asia, overseeing and coordinating Australian Rules Football development in Asia. AFL Asia has primary responsibility for the AFL Asian Championships.

AFL Asia currently consists of 18 member clubs, overseeing 40+ Asian based Australian Football teams and several organised regional Leagues, mentioned below…

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Jake McCauley - How good is footy in Asia Podcast - Episode 10

Hong Kong Dragons President Jake McCauley is an outstanding and well credentialed leader, a highly educated individual and more importantly is a brilliant bloke! 😎 During this podcast we’ll go behind the scenes and find out …

Shaun 'Digger' Gi Gregorio - How good is footy in Asia Podcast - Episode 9

Malaysian Warriors - Australian Rules Football Club stalwart and former influential President Shaun Di Gregorio, affectionately known as 'Digger', turned the Malaysian Warriors and the Malaysian Warrior Women - Australian Rules Football Club into an absolute powerhouse on and …

AFL Asia Lions Shanghai Evan Spargo

Evan Spargo - How good is footy in Asia podcast - Episode 7

The Philippine Australian Football League legend Evan Spargo has a long list of accomplishments and achievements, including being the Asian Champs MVP back in 2013, captaining his beloved Philippine Eagles to a drought breaking Asian …

Rut Ngarmariyakul - How good is footy in Asia podcast - Episode 6

The Thailand Tigers Australian Rules Football Club's Rut Ngarmariyakul, self-proclaimed as ‘Rutkermanis’, is one of the most recognizable faces of local development in Asian footy. His passion for the game and his beloved Western Bulldogs is …

OFX announced as exclusive foreign exchange partner of AFL Asia

AFL Asia are pleased to announce and welcome onboard global money transfer specialist, OFX, as the exclusive FX partner in 2020. OFX are dedicated to helping the AFL Asia community, including its members, players, administrators and supporters of …

  • Upcoming games

    April 25, 2020

    Malaysian Warriors vs Hong Kong Dragons

    Kuala Lumpur


    11:00 am

    April 25, 2020

    Vietnam Swans Women vs Singapore Wombettes

    Lam Son Stadium, Vung Tau (Lord Mayor's Oval), Vietnam


    12:00 pm

    April 25, 2020

    Thailand Tigers vs Cambodian Eagles

    Visuttharangsi School, Kanchanaburi


    12:00 pm

    April 25, 2020

    Vietnam Swans vs Singapore Wombats

    Lam Son Stadium, Vung Tau (Lord Mayor's Oval), Vietnam


    2:00 pm

  • Upcoming events

    Aug 29 Sat ( all day )

    Asian Championships 2020

    Thai Polo & Equestrian Club Pattaya

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