1 Vietnam Swans502222619422003-61118
2 Hong Kong Dragons382411312881120168111
3 The Malaysian Warriors new logo. Malaysian Warriors392301620321526506108
4 Jakarta Bintangs342311021401775365104
5 The Thailand Tigers will host the Bangladesh Hunters in Thailand on 22 November 2014. Thailand Tigers30200101502101149190
6 HK Lantau Lizards (SCAFL)262105117955762289
7 Singapore Wombats391602313751699-32487
8 Hong Kong Typhoons (SCAFL)262006112057954186
9 Guangzhou Scorpions3217015104593111483
10 Philippine Eagles301701310239725181
11 HK Cobras (SCAFL)251501097269727570
12 Cambodian Eagles3013116118811216770
13 Macau Lightning4170347751942-116762
14 Myanmar Fighting Cocks2380156721005-33347
15 Lao Elephants218013484697-21345
16 Bali Geckos1490576265910341
17 HK Sai Kung Stingrays (SCAFL)1180340020419635
18 CHINA REDS - (INTL REP TEAM)126063362459130
19 Guangdong Seagulls - SCAFL2710264021396-99430
20 The Indonesia Garudas will make their first appearance at the 2014 International Cup. INDONESIAN GARUDAS (National)84043172635420
21 The Japan Samurais are previewed in the lead up to IC14. JAPANESE SAMURAI'S (National Team)53021801453514
22 Shanghai Tigers Australian Rules Football Club Shanghai Tigers6204355404-4912
23 Beijing Bombers4202283331-4810
24 Team China set for IC14. TEAM CHINA DRAGONS (National Team)410313513147
25 Pakistan Markhors3102141188-476
26 Chengdu Kangaroos310289136-476
27 In the lead up to the 2014 International Cup, Sudip Chakraborty speaks about the development of AFL India on the ABC's 7.30 Report last night. AFL India300327181-1543
28 Hong Kong Vikings (Masters)1010727202
29 INDOCHINA BULLDOGS200232139-1072
30 Tokyo Goannas10014258-161
31 Singapore Sharks (Masters)10015174-231
32 Bangladesh Hunters10017107-1001
33 Borneo Bears00000000
34 Osaka Dingoes00000000
35 Timor Leste Crocs00000000
36 Chongquin Cats00000000